Your Children Will Love You for These Easy DIY Snacks

raiMost stay at home parents will agree that the most stressing part of looking after children is that snack time comes every other hour. Well, be worried no longer. With toastmaster bread machine, you can now create the most amazingly delicious snacks. And what’s more, it doesn’t take up much of your time!

Hot Cross Buns

These lip-smacking traditional treats are not only great for children but can also serve in your brunch spread. These subtly sweet cinnamon and raisin bread rolls are a must try with your Toastmaster Bread Machine!
Ingredients: Eggs, flour, margarine or butter, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, granulated sugar, active yeast, raisins, salt to taste and a sprinkle of cold water.
Directions: Add all the ingredients to the bread machine and select the dough cycle according to the manual. Remember to add the raisins just before the last kneading cycle ends. Set it to bake and spread an icing of powdered sugar, vanilla, and vanilla on each bun just before serving. Best served hot!

Apple and Coffee Cake

Who doesn’t like a nice slice of cake every now and then? This simple apple and coffee cake can be enjoyed as a snack, dessert, or can also serve as a nutritious and delicious breakfast!
Ingredients: Flour, coffee powder, softened margarine or butter, granulated sugar, active dry yeast, canned apple pie filling, salt to taste, and powdered sugar for sprinkling on top.
Directions: Place all ingredients, except pie filling and powdered sugar in the bread machine pan in the order as recommended by the manufacturer. Select the dough cycle (do not use the delay cycle). Once you are happing with the kneading, spread the dough on the baking surface and put apple filling on it. The automatic timer will let you know when it is done if the delicious smell does not attract you first!

So, get on with these amazing DIY snacks to make your kids happy. Your kitchen will smell like a baking haven!

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